Schweinefleischverarbeitung Kompetenzen Schwede


The specialization of SCHWEDE Meat Products lies within:

  • the industrial cutting and separation of pork
  • the production of processed meat standards (fresh, deep-frozen/block-frozen, vacuum-packed, packed in cartons)
  • the further processing of various types of meat (salted, pickled, diced and cooked)
  • the provision of a range of processing meat for hearty and tasty traditional home-made-style specialities, pâtés, high-quality cold meat, barbecue goods as well as various other boiling, cooked, raw-ripened, raw sausage and aspic specialities
  • the procurement and distribution of other raw processing materials (poultry and veal)
  • provision of a range of food-grade slaughter by-products (packaged and frozen goods in cartons)
  • the production of sausage and barbecue meat specialities (SCHWEDE specialities)

Schweinefleischverarbeitung Schwede